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Airmail Beta 258



New Preference for filter View
New Preference Reduced Transparency
Improved Rules 
Improved Rules – Action
Improved Delayed Send
Improved Drafts
Improved Account Import
Improved Full Screen
Improved Boot time
Fixed Refresh Bug
Fixed hang on Quit
Fixed Import On first Login
Fixed Minimise on Double Click
Reverted – Label Menu on Body
Small Fixes and issues

Please test:
- Extensions, Today, share and Actions
- Account Creation/Imports

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Vackra iOS 7-kontroller från Jawbones app UP. Sobert, rent och enkelt — samtidigt som man ändå vågar använda nära på pastellfärger. Gillar! #iOS7 #design #Jawbone

Härligt måndagsösregn med översvämning som konsekvens. Brought to you by The City of Borås, Sweden. #UnderbaraGötaland (på/i Borås, Sweden)

#ego @ #nellyoutlet (på/i Nelly Quality Outlet @ Åhaga)

Nano SIMs! So tiny. The more of them you’ll get, the easier it becomes to loose them. Atm, I have two Swedish data SIMs, a German and a SIM from Three in U.K. Thumbs up for Three — easy, fast and anonymous payment. Took a minute, with no administration whatsoever. £20 for 3GB. Simplified my U.K. trip a great deal! And a piece of advice: NEVER data roam — purchase local nano SIMs instead. No plans needed, just top your card up with as much data as you’ll need! #iPad #globetrotting (på/i Borås Stad)